Interior Trends with Wood in 2020. As we say goodbye to 2019, we look forward to the new year and all that it holds, including some great new interior trends in wood

Interior Trends with Wood in 2020

Interior Trends with Wood in 2020

As we say goodbye to 2019, we look forward to the new year and all that it holds, including some great new interior trends in wood. Along with some of the 2019 trends that will carry into the new year, we can also expect to see these great new trends, adding that extra something to our homes and office spaces through the power of wood.

Wood Remains a Popular Choice of Material in 2020

When it comes to materials used in homes, offices, and hotels next year, wood remains a popular choice. From pine to oak and mahogany, we can expect to see wood being used in flooring, furniture in all rooms and spaces, in doors and windows, in decorations and in finishes. Room dividers are also making a comeback in 2020, and many of these will be created using wood, dividing rooms and offering privacy without restricting spaces.

Interior Trends in Wood

Dark Wood is Making a Comebackinterior trends in wood 2020


In recent years, light wood has been the more popular choice when it comes to furnishings an interior.

In 2020, this starts to change, as darker woods make their comeback. Not only do they add a sense of warmth to any space, but they also give the space a greater sense of luxury and elegance.

Natural and Sustainable is In

With a greater focus on environmental friendliness, interior and furnishings will become more sustainable and natural in 2020. Think natural woods, rattan chairs, and woven baskets. More emphasis is being placed on sustainable sourcing of raw materials, as well as embracing the imperfections of those materials when creating furniture. Handcrafted designs will become more popular and appealing to consumers.


The Japani Trend Grows

Interior Trends in Wood 2020
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Over the past few years we have seen a strong Japanese design element influencing interiors, and in 2020 this trend continues to grow. Japani is a mixture of this Japanese influence, with Scandinavian simplicity, creating a rustic yet uncluttered approach. When it comes to woods, think a mixture of light, blonde Scandinavian styles, combined with the darker, full-bodied Japanese-style woods. Furniture pieces will have clean lines and finishes, and bigger will not always be better here.

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