Wood as an Interior Design Feature in a Home


At Cubit, we have been privileged to make some really special pieces for interior designers over our years. Creating individual, bespoke pieces is something we love, and we take pride in delivering wooden pieces that are one-of-a-kind and fit perfectly within a client’s home. Wood has so much to offer when used correctly in the home, and with the right furnishings displayed in the right way, you can achieve that trendy interior style you have always dreamed of.

We explore the versatility of wood as an interior design feature:

Wood can adapt to any interior style

When creating pieces for interior designers, they usually have an interior design style in mind that will set the tone for the bespoke pieces we will create. The fantastic thing about wooden furnishings is that they can adapt to any interior style, interior style, whether it be modern-chic, industrial, farmhouse or something more oriental, such as the pieces we created for Oriental Concepts. These pieces featured clean lines and very unique shapes.

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Wood comes in many variations, types and colours to complement different spaces

There are a number of different types of woods, in different colours, that can be used to complement the interior style of a particular space. It is also easy to varnish and colour wood according to the look you want to achieve. When choosing wood colours to compliment your space, it is key to remember that natural, lightly stained woods can make a room feel lighter and more spacious, while darker woods tend to make more of a statement and add depth. If you follow our social media pages, you would have seen the gorgeous bespoke coffee table we recently had up for grabs in a competition. The darker colours used here would certainly add some drama to any space.

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Customised wood furnishings add something unique to a home

When an interior designer requests a customised piece of furniture, they want this piece to add character to the room it will be used in. They might mix wood with other materials in a space, bringing out the owner’s personality in their home. Wood also provides that calming effect that is so important in a home, and that can’t be achieved with any other material. We recently created two items for interior designers, Refreshed, that are so unique and will really add something special to a space that is unlike what you will find in your traditional furniture and décor chain stores.

If you are an interior designer or would like bespoke wooden furniture pieces created for your clients home or office space, get in touch with Cubit today!